63 Uses For Walmart Bags

Don't you just love the plastic shopping bags? Actually it's not just Wally World that has plastic carry-out bags. In any case, these plastic bags are incredibly useful for all sorts of things other than carrying your purchases out to your vehicle. Plastic bags find themselves reincarnated in a million different ways. I've long thought about starting a list of these uses, some seriously useful and some uses downright funny. So here's a list of uses, not necessarily in any sort of order of usefulness.

1. Make a purse out of them by sewing a bunch of them together

2. Use them as small trash can liners.

3. Use them as containers for soiled diapers

4. Use them as containers for used cat liter

4. Use them as a container for dog poop retrieved out of the yard by turning the bag inside-out, putting your hand in it like a make-shift glove and grabbing the poop. Once you've grabbed the poop, use your other hand to turn the bag right side out and the poop will magically be inside the bag. Be sure to use a bag that doesn't have any holes in it!!!!!

5. Use them as mattress stuffing

6. Use them as pillow stuffing

7. Use them as packing material in lieu of the dreaded white foam peanut

8. Tear a piece of the bag off and use it a seal before screwing a cap back onto a bottle or jar that might decide to leak

9. Use them as a food-stain-proof cook book cover

10. Use large plastic bags to keep lawn furniture covered

11. Use them as small-but-handy lawn clean-up bags

12. Use them to store wet beach towels in

13. Use them to avoid putting money in a parking meter -- put the bag over the meter and tie the bag's handles together, then take a black magic marker and write "broken" on both sides in large block letters. Preferably use bags that are a solid color, such as red or yellow

14. Use them as luggage when traveling. Use the Wally World smiley-faced bags as matched luggage for that  extra designer touch...

15. Use them as you would a rubber glove when you don't have rubber gloves handy

16. Use them to carry large amounts of mail in

17. Use them to help make a credit card or other magnetic stripped card swipe when the card by itself won't swipe by putting it inside the bag. Not sure why this one works but it does. I see people do it in truck stops constantly.

Once we've gone to mandatory hand chip implants I wonder if the tip in number 15. will help make reluctant implant chips scan by using them as a make-shift rubber glove?

18. Use them as a kite to keep a kid (or yourself) amused

19. Use them to catch stray paint droplets when you are painting

20. Use them as flags

21. Use a solid white one tied onto a pole as a truce flag

22. Use a solid white one tied to your car antenna or rolled up in a road-facing window when you are parked on the side of the road in case your car breaks down

23. Use them as rubber boots to keep your feet dry

24. Use them as back packs for kids by putting their arms through the handles

25. Use them as socks

26. Use them as a doggie bag when you are in a restaurant and want to take a piece of chicken home with you in a purse or pocket

27. Use them to store dirty clothes in when you are traveling

28. Use them as a shoe-horn when trying on shoes at a garage sale

29. Use them to protect the plaster cast so you can take a shower after you break your foot

30. Use them as diapers

31. Use them as bandages

32. Use them as freezer bags

33. Use them to wrap up leftovers to keep them from drying out in the refrigerator

34. Use them as bread bags for homemade bread made in an electric bread maker

35. Use large ones to cover clothes in a closet or while traveling to keep the clothes clean

36. Use large ones to slip over ceiling fan blades when cleaning the blades to catch the dust and keep it from falling on the floor

37. Use them as a toy parachute

38. Use them as handy sick bags when someone is sick to their stomach...

39. Use one to wrap your lunch sandwiches in to keep it from getting soggy in a cooler with other items that might sweat

40. Use a small one as a rain bonnet

41. Use a big one as a raincoat

42. Put them on your wiper blades and mirrors in the winter to keep them free from snow and ice

43. Use them as a cheap collectable -- nearly everyone seems to collect plastic bags either in their home or car or both

44. Use one to hold your clothespins when you are hanging your clothes out to dry

45. Use them as a trash can

46. Store your shoes in plastic bags when you have them inside your suitcase to keep from making the rest of your clothing stink like your smelly feet

47. Use one as a makeshift condom

48. Use one to carry popcorn in

49. Store wet paint brushes in them after you've washed out the paintbrush

50. Use them to store rags in

51. Use them as inexpensive home insulation

52. Use them when re-upholstering boat seats between the foam padding and the vinyl upholstery to make the seats semi-water proof

53. Use them to put used oil filters in to keep them from contaminating the rest of the trash

54. Use them as flexible molds for the spray foam that hardens to fill in holes in walls, etc.

55. Use them as kindling to start fires with, even in the rain, since once they start burning the heat is intense -- just avoid inhaling the toxic fumes they give off !!!!!!

56. Use them as a porta-potty liner

57. Use them for emergency toilet paper

58. Use them for emergency tissue paper

59. Use them to carry your Wally World purchases home...

60. Use them as emergency socks

61. Use them as emergency underwear

62. Use them as an emergency barf bag

63. Weave them into an inexpensive rug!!!!