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Memo to John Kerry: Stop saluting!!!!!! It makes you look even more foolish than Michael Dukakis dressed up as a tank soldier (if that's possilbe)!!!

Election 2004

I'm concerned about the future of our country. Many people don't realize what hinges on this election. What it all boils down to is that there are two types of people in America -- those on the left who want to give in to bullies and be "nice" to them so we don't make the bullies more "mad" at us, and those of us on the right who recognize what's happening and that you MUST stand up to bullies to put them in their place. Even if Bush does win the election, these people on the left threaten to gain a majority at some point in the future, which will eventually spell the end of the world as we know it.

A global terrorist network is tantamount to cancer in the human body that has metastasized. The tumor of terrorism has been growing for years, and it could have easily been excised. However, we chose to ignore it, hoping it would just go away.

Cancer is a wake-up call to the individual in denial as global terrorism is a wake-up call to a world in denial. Lest I be misunderstood, when I say the world is "in denial" I mean it's in denial of the reality that Evil is a real force, alive and well -- both as a force in our external enemies and the often-hidden enemy nature within ourselves. If we fail to stand up in a free country, then the "City on The Hill" will suffer a black-out and the world can easily plunge into a New Dark Age.

The reason the Bush haters are so vehement in their hatred of President Bush is that Bush represents a real man, which makes them feel guilty since it reminds them of what they've lost. I'm afraid that men on the political left have lost their manhood. They may have the male form, but they have a guileful weak nature that just wants to wallow in pleasure and comfort zones. Modern liberal men are pathetic creatures indeed.

Looking Foolish

Everyone does foolish things. Not a person alive hasn't had to dress in some foolish garb or grabbed something backwards in true slapstick form.

Kerry in a NASA "bunny suit" clean suit


Bush with an upside-down book

These incidents are funny, but there's actually something a bit profound to learn from them. People like me can laugh at ourselves for being or looking foolish.

People like Kerry cannot laugh at themselves and try to make dishonest excuses when their follies are pointed out to them. That hints at the very core of the difference between the two types of people. I can laugh at myself when someone points out my foolishness or I realize it myself. A person like Kerry cannot. John Kerry has a false air about him, as if he were self-important in his own mind. There is no real core in Kerry that is willing to look at itself in a meaningful way. Furthermore a person like Kerry hates it when someone else looks at him or her in a meaningful way.

The reason Kerry looks so funny in the bunny suit is that it's just a photo op to him, an opportunity to smile and look charming. He's not really interested in touring the shuttle. That's exactly the same reason Dukakis looks so foolish and fake dressed up in soldier gear in the tank photo. In fact, the tank or the bunny suit aren't even necessary in order to see the lack of genuineness -- the funny surroundings just help to highlight the falsity of their character.

Bush (like Reagan) has something genuine in him that I can relate and respond to. Kerry doesn't. And never the twain shall meet. The genuineness present in Bush is what the Bush Haters absolutely despise the most.


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