In politics, there's been a long-standing rule of thumb that a political candidate should NEVER allow himself or herself to be photographed in odd-looking clothing or strange hats.

Senator John Kerry recently toured the NASA Space Shuttle where he was required to don a "clean suit" sometimes referred to as a "bunny suit." NASA photographers documented the visit, and the Kerry Campaign okayed the release of the photos on the NASA website.

The photos are being compared to the Michael Dukakis "tank" photos. I must admit, the way Kerry's teeth appear in the photo he does look like a geeky bunny!

Here's a side-by-side photo of the Kerry "bunny suit" photo with Michael Dukakis' infamous "tank" photo.

Finally, here's a computer-generated photo that never happened.

The Kerry Campaign has been very upset that political opponents have laughed at the photos, making it an even bigger deal than it might have been. The way they should have handled it would be to simply laugh at the photos themselves. There's really a serious point here -- why is it that liberals cannot laugh at themselves? What is missing from their character?

Here's the Kerry photo beside Woody Allen dressed in his infamous "human sperm" movie costume.

And finally, John Kerry as a "Teletubbie."

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